GCSE Support Programme

GCSE Support Programme

GCSE Support Programme

NEW GCSEs Summer 2017

Students taking GCSE Maths or English in Summer 2017 will be the first cohort to be examined on a new, tougher syllabus.  

All their marks will come from their final exams – none will have been “banked” from coursework completed during the year.  

Their results will come in the form of grades from 9 to 1, instead of A* to G and the material on which they will be examined will be much more demanding than previously. 

How has MagiKats responded?

In support of the those studying for the new GCSEs, we are proud to launch our new GCSE Support Programmes.  

These are made up of a series of threads (e.g. Algebra or Writing for Impact) that we will build, with each student, from their current level to the best standard that they can achieve by the time of their exams.
All will be underpinned by the reinforcement of essential core skills – with programmes created for each individual.

How does it work?

Any existing MagiKats student has the option to continue their regular routine, or to switch to the “double workshop” system:
  • Students attend an 80-minute workshop (double the normal length)
  • They complete core work, either at home or the centre, each week
This is the only option for new students joining in Year 11.

Year 10s can choose to join our regular workshops or the double workshops - we will advise any new Year 10 students about their options.

How do I find out more?

  • Find your local centre by clicking here and seeing what is in your area.
  • Contact your local Principal using the web form on the centre's page.
  • Come for a placement so we can assess the student's current level and need.
  • We then put together their individual programme, you complete the paperwork, and we all get started!
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