An exciting new era in local private tuition and a great opportunity for children


With so much pressure on our schools, and increasing competition for every secondary school place, giving your child the very best chance when it comes to education, has never been more important.

Which is why we’re thrilled to announce that we have a new Principal who will be running the MagiKats private tuition centres at Caversham and Sonning Common.

For those not yet familiar with MagiKats, it’s well-established franchise of private tuition centres which provides out-of-school tutoring for any child from pre-school to GCSE. The comprehensive MagiKats programme provides an individual mix of teaching and practice for every student, in a fun and interactive workshop setting.

Why Khalid Mahmood is such a great choice for your local MagiKats centres

New Principal Khalid Mahmood is no stranger to either education or how to run a business. He’s an experienced accountant by profession but also has a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). On top of that, he’s a proactive member of the board of trustees at the Abu Bakr Islamic centre which provides community services and runs a supplementary school which has over 300 students. Khalid supervises the supplementary school including the day to day running, design and development of the curriculum.

Khalid has lived and worked in Reading for 18 years and he’s also a father of three who has been through the process of finding good private tuition for his son and who is passionate about serving his community. 

Khalid really understands the importance of providing the kind of educational support that children require in order to excel both at school and elsewhere. He aims to build on the great work of his predecessor as well as offering additional programmes to support children with entrance exams such as SATs, 11+ exams etc. He also hopes to open more centres in and around Reading area in the future.

Why MagiKats is a great fit for Khalid and for your child

As he takes on his new role, Khalid is keen to explain why MagiKats was the obvious choice for him:

“I came across MagiKats last year when I was looking for decent tuition for my son. While I was looking, I realised I was not alone and there are so many parents looking for really good academic support.

I’ve always wanted to run my own business but at the same time, I want to serve my local community. And I wanted to ensure that the support I provide is of the best possible standard.

MagiKats ticked all the boxes for me. Being part of an established franchise is important. MagiKats has a well-developed and established system set up in line with national curriculum. Their approach supports and helps develop the children and enhances their learning skills, giving them the extra support that they need to excel in schools and develops their extra curriculum skills.”

Khalid explains what makes MagiKats different

“MagiKats provides tuition in a practical way unlike some tutoring business which operate impersonal style programmes. At MagiKats, every child is treated individually and receives a personal programme tailored to their unique requirements. It’s a friendly environment which enables students to learn, develop confidence and have fun at the same time. And it makes MagiKats stand out.”

If you’d like to know more, you can call Khalid on 0118 959 0268 or 07706 132607 or visit