MagiKats Tutoring now in Wellingborough!

A new MagiKats private tuition centre aimed at supporting local children is opening in the first week of October at St Mark’s Church on Queensway, Wellingborough.

MagiKats is an educational franchise which offers maths and English tuition to school children in small group workshops. The workshops include a mix of teaching and practical work and all the work is adapted to suit each child. The workshops help ensure each child reaches their full potential whatever their age and whatever their ability. The workshops also help build confidence and develop other important skills.

The Wellingborough and Rushden centre will be run by Raj Modha.  Raj is a father of three, with a background in business and a degree in Mathematics and Statistics. He has lived in Wellingborough for more than 25 years and is an active member of the Bardai Brahmin community.

He explains why he chose to open a MagiKats franchise and how he thinks it will help the local community:

“Being self-employed, at times I have found it hard to help my children with their school work. I often wished there was some sort of support available which was not too expensive, and which would help children with their core skills and school work.

MagiKats does exactly that. Helping children whatever their ability. Some children may be very clever and need extra work to ensure they are stretched, some may not have English as a first language or parents who can help them with school work.  The great thing about MagiKats is that children get the 1 to 1 attention of a private tutor when needed and also a fun, friendly group at half the cost of private tutors!

I’m hoping the MagiKats Centre will help local children in Wellingborough, Rushden and the surrounding area gain confidence and do better at school. It’s a great opportunity for them and in future I would like to open even more centres.”

The new centre is accepting students now. Visit their website for more information: or to enrol.