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What Learning Style Does My Child Have? (Part One)

What Learning Style Does My Child Have? (Part One)

This article by MagiKats helps identify which learning style your child has. Understand how learning styles influence your child’s progress.

At What Age Can My Child Think?

At What Age Can My Child Think?

How a MagiKats “Stage of Learning” provides a uniquely designed curriculum programme to help your child navigate Maths and English tuition gaps with ease.

Encourage Your Child to Write to Santa and Make it (a little) Educational

Isn’t it incredible we live in a world where if a child posts a letter to Santa Claus via Royal Mail, they receive an answer?

Are we wasting time motivating children?

At MagiKats we’ve motivated students for more than a decade to complete MagiKats homework tasks. But how did we do it?

School summer holidays – the key to your child’s happiness and success?

The summer holidays are possibly the most important six weeks of the school year! The hardest times in anyone’s education are the times of change and the toughest of all is the move from primary to secondary. 

My GCSE Revision Booster Plan

GCSE revision can get a bit same-y. Read subject, make notes on subject, make smaller notes on subject, perform miracles with ant-size writing to make notes even smaller. Remember notes. Rinse. Repeat.

Helping Your Teenager Revise for their GCSE Examinations

I once heard a teacher of GCSE English remark that one of the best ways to teach his students how to pass was to take the examination himself.

GCSE Revision Time – What Can a Parent Do?

When the great illusionist David Blaine was asked how he manages to achieve difficult stunts he admitted he says to himself, somewhat pragmatically; “so today I’m going to have breakfast, read the paper and stand in an ice block”. 

Tuition for your child - who to choose?

Are you one of those parents who, without realising it, has been quietly mulling over the comments made either in your child’s report at the end of last term or at the parent teacher meetings you recently attended?