Success in the new term starts in the Summer!

The summer “silly season” has already started at school – tests, school trips, sports days. Is it any wonder that by September many pupils will need several months to get back to the academic level that they had reached at Easter?

MagiKats Summers Programme | England & Wales | Maths & English Tuition


MagiKats workshops run all year round - but in the Summer they are special!

We don't want to put pressure on kids, but the reality is that the long Summer break can lead to problems when they return to school for the new academic year. The MagiKats Summer Programmes are designed to stimulate and educate but without pressure.

Heading away to find some sun? Going to escape to another continent? That's fine - you can take MagiKats with you! One of the great aspects of the MagiKats Summer Programme is that you can do it anywhere - just think how much easier those long journeys could be with something a bit different to keep the kids occupied!



This year, all our maths students WORK ON WORDS

With many students finding it hard to get their heads around word problems, we help with questions that build their skills at their own speed. 

Everyone who has done this unit before has shown a real improvement in their problem-solving skills.

MagiKats Maths Summers Programme | England & Wales | Maths & English Tuition

MagiKats English Summers Programme | England & Wales | Maths & English Tuition


English students BUILD A BOOK

Independent writing tends to be the toughest area for most English students.  This unit helps them to progress through the stages they need to achieve to strengthen their skills – at their own speed, of course. 

The very youngest students work on becoming READY TO WRITE instead.

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