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Summer learning for the year ahead...
...send them back to school with more 'can do'!

The Facts

Fact 1:  Maintaining, or preferably building, skills over the long summer holiday impacts enormously on a student’s success in the early part of the next academic year.

Fact 2:  Children view their summer holidays as a time when they want to have fun!

Fact 3:  Parents struggle to balance Facts 1 and 2!

Don't worry though - MagiKats has the solution!

Different each year, the MagiKats Summer programmes offer learning and fun alongside each other.  For 2017, they are all about reasoning and applying subject skills.

Primary: A Head Start
Reading fluency and reciting poems is vital if children are to develop strong literacy skills! Our students will be practising both this Summer!

Maths students throughout Primary will use creative ways to learn all their tables. P7 students – they’ll be laying the ground work for upcoming tests and secondary school.

Top of the priorities - all will be developing their reasoning skills – essential for all ages but especially to anyone sitting important tests and exams.

Secondary: Continuity
2017 - a year of such much uncertainty - nobody is quite sure what to expect in many contexts and education is no different. Things we do know - ‘old school’ techniques such as showing working are now ‘new school’. Focus then is especially on those study skills. With more turmoil sure to come, MagiKats continuity will be a safe haven amongst the chaos. The summer will be spent making sure those vital skills are as good as they can be.

For our secondary students too – reasoning, reasoning, reasoning – immediately putting them a step ahead.

Don’t forget the Under 6s
With youngsters assessed more and more, it has never been harder to be young! MagiKats students at this age focus on their love for learning with our range of fun activities – challenges for everyone, all summer!

Confused parent? Join the club!
Available as stand-alone programmes, or integrated within regular MagiKats workshops - our Summer programmes are here to help – contact your local Centre to find out how we can help.
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