Summer Programme2

Stop the Summer Slide...
...because Success in September Starts now!

The Facts

Fact 1:  Maintaining, or preferably building, skills over the long summer holiday impacts enormously on a student’s success in the early part of the next academic year.

Fact 2:  Children view their summer holidays as a time when they want to have fun!

Fact 3:  Parents struggle to balance Facts 1 and 2!

Don't worry though - MagiKats has the solution!

Different each year, the MagiKats Summer programmes offer learning and fun alongside each other.  For 2016, they are all about reasoning and applying subject skills.

IN MATHS the focus will be on developing mathematical thinking and the ability to follow instructions carefully and correctly. Through working on absorbing maths investigations we will practise our reasoning whilst also looking at how to present work and find ‘rules’ and patterns where these exist. YES! You spotted it – we will be working on the essential reasoning and presentation skills that have become the heart of the school mathematics curriculum.
IN ENGLISH the concentration will be on verbal reasoning and developing writing skills, especially applied to non-fiction. For some this will be through writing for the press whilst others will practise interpretation of events and writing text to accompany pictures in books. For all it will boost exactly the skills they need for next year – whilst they have fun!

Available as stand-alone programmes, or integrated within regular MagiKats workshops – contact your local Centre to find out what this year's programmes can offer. 

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