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MagiKats Tuition Centres

Our Tuition Centres are places where children and teenagers come to make the most of their potential. 

Every child receives an individual programme, designed to support them every step of the way. They develop not only subject skills, but also thinking skills, problem solving skills and social skills. 

Our priority is unwavering - it is the children in our care.

Our Workshops

Workshops last for 40 minutes and students attend once per week. Whilst at a workshop, they receive support from their mentor on topics which should be challenging, yet rewarding.

Every student works as part of a small group (no more than six) and benefits from interaction with their peers, through discussion, hands-on activities and partner working.

The Principal in charge of each workshop ensures a safe and productive working environment, one where no child is singled out and every child has the chance to shine.
teacher with small group of children

Our Locations

Middle East

Australia: We have a separate website for our Australia workshops. Please click here.

No centre listed? 
All our current centres are listed here so please check back on a regular basis for one opening in your area.

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