Welcome to MagiKats

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Does your child need extra support with their Maths or English?
Do they need more of a challenge than they get at school?

Whatever the answer – MagiKats can help!

MagiKats Tuition Centres provide flexible and individual out of school maths and English tutoring suitable for children from early years to GCSE (ages 4 to 16).

Our inspiring and highly experienced tutors provide students with carefully designed educational programmes, put together specifically to meet their individual needs. The children concentrate on coming to grips with, or extending their skills in maths and English topics that they are covering at school - whilst also working on a parallel course constructed to boost their individual core skills (such as number bonds, times tables, fractions, reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation).

Whilst at a MagiKats Tuition Centre, children receive Maths and English tuition from a mentor chosen specifically to work with them. The workshops comprise a mixture of written work and hands-on resources/learning activities (some even call them games!) which help the children learn through a multi-sensory approach. With so much focus on the individual student, MagiKats offers a great alternative to private tuition and is also excellent for children with special needs.

Be it early years education, primary school support or help with secondary school work, MagiKats’ but our unique approach offering fun and stimulating learning in a friendly and inclusive environment, will allow your child to fulfil their potential whilst enriching their mind.

We are totally flexible

MagiKats - supports your child - fits your lifestyle.

From the age of 4 to 16, whether you are looking for extra maths tuition, English tutoring or a combination of subjects for your child, MagiKats can help. Additionally, we understand that along with other family commitments it can be hard to fit everything in, and so our programmes are designed to be totally flexible to you and your child’s needs.

Ideally, students attend a weekly workshop, where the tuition incorporates an appropriate and wide mix of approaches, from textbook-style exercises and educational games to the use of calculators. At the end of each workshop, students usually receive a weekly work pack of five short assignments. These are designed to maintain their learning momentum until their next visit. Answer keys are provided so that parents can give immediate feedback and encouragement at home.

Continuity is important, so MagiKats Tuition Centres are open all year round. However there is no lengthy tie-in, programmes can be designed around your child’s needs and only one month's notice from month end is required.

We help prepare for exams

We can provide extra support with individual programmes of study for children planning to take school exams - whether it’s for SATs, GCSEs, Common Entrance or other school exams. We also offer a special programme during the long summer break, to give your child an extra boost or maintain their skills level, helping them build skills and gain in confidence when everyone else is slipping back!

We are progressive

MagiKats is a workshop programme written by UK educators, in the UK. We support the UK primary and secondary school curriculum and adjust as necessary to support the maths and English curricula in the other countries in which MagiKats operates. We keep everything up to date and in line with student needs. We have Tuition Centres offering after school study programmes across the UK so please click here to see the list of MagiKats Tuition Centres.

MagiKats - supports your child - fits your lifestyle