MagiKats English and Maths Workshops: The Heart our Programme

Our English and maths workshops are fun, friendly and supportive. Although the work is designed to be challenging, the support received from their own mentor ensures that no student is allowed to struggle.

Workshops last for 40 minutes and students attend once per week, working as part of a small group (no more than six). Every student benefits from interaction with their peers, through discussion, hands-on activities and partner working.

The Principal in charge of each MagiKats English or maths workshop ensures a safe and productive working environment, one where no child is singled out and every child has the chance to shine.

magikats english and maths workshops follow an individual approach, meaning that no child or teenager is either held back or pushed forward - they work at their own pace and with their own goals.

MagiKats Maths Tuition Workshops

Supporting the school curriculum: All our materials have been developed (and are continually updated) to ensure we are able to support children studying the curriculum appropriate to their local area. Our team of writers are all subject specialists and we continually monitor the changes in the UK National Curriculum, the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and the National Curriculum for Wales.

Small group collaboration: A maximum of six students work with a MagiKats mentor. Members of each tuition group are selected so they will work well together and can work collaboratively where appropriate. Every student in a MagiKats workshop can still receive one-to-one support when it is needed, but the positive and relaxed atmosphere created by this approach brings out the best in every student.

Qualified staff: All MagiKats mentors are chosen for their relevant skills and experience based both on the age of the students they are going to be supporting and also on their subject skills. All mentors are DBS checked and trained using the MagiKats mentor training programme. The local Principal monitors all their staff to ensure high standards of teaching and support are met at all times.

A multi-sensory approach: In addition to the written work and tuition provided to each student, our English and maths workshops feature unique resources provide a multi-sensory approach to learning, providing a different way in which each student can learn. 

MagiKats English Tuition Workshops

Traditional learning techniques: Rather than relying on technology to provide interest, our approach uses investigative learning techniques, combined with our multi-sensory approach, to develop strong subject knowledge. Students also develop their study skills, thinking skills and problem solving skills - making the benefits of attending a MagiKats workshop extend beyond the subject(s) they are studying.

Extending learning: No matter whether a student is average, excels, struggles or has learning difficulties, all MagiKats students are encouraged to extend their learning at every MagiKats workshop they attend. Our individual approach means that no child or teenager is either held back or pushed forward - they work at their own pace and with their own goals.

Feedback: Central to all learning with MagiKats is our feedback system. In workshops, this takes the form of weekly feedback from both the student and their mentor. Between workshops, all MagiKats Principals are available to discuss the students in their care, either via telephone or email. Periodically, parents are offered the opportunity to sit down with their local Principal to discuss progress on a more formal basis.


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