Awards Galore for MagiKats students!

What’s one of the easiest ways in which we can encourage children to learn? Bribery! At MagiKats Tuition Centres, students are rewarded twice a year for the efforts they have put in, both in the workshops and at home. Every six months, students are awarded either certificates or medals – or most usually both – to reflect the effort they have been putting in to improve their maths and English skills.

Following Benchmark Tests, certificates are awarded to students who have progressed with their core skills. Some students will get more than one certificate if their progress has been exceptionally fast!

At a MagiKats work, every student is challenged to work hard and extend their learning – all with the support of their mentor. Their reward for this (apart from getting more skilled and more confident in maths or English!) is to be awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal for the MagiKats Stage in which they are working. Jan Lomas, Principal at MagiKats Farnham, explains:

“What we are looking for is not ultimate level, but progress. No matter at their starting point, we look to see how much each individual student has improved across the preceding months and it is that progress that determines which medal they receive. Each student studies in a special MagiKats Stage and they work towards medals and, ultimately, a Graduation Certificate for that Stage, before progressing onto the next Stage up.

“We don’t ask students to sit tests for these awards as it is impossible to write an exam that would test confidence, study skills and thinking skills. Rather, I use the weekly feedback from mentors and students alike to decide which medal is most appropriate.”

Once the basic awards are decided, many MagiKats Tuition Centres also look to make special presentations for any students who have participated in additional schemes, such as Tables Challenges or Writing Competitions. The luckiest students are also rewarded with a MagiKats T-shirt!

In the Summer, centres will often host a formal ‘Awards Ceremony’ – but with a twist! The centres in Surrey all get together and combine the formal ceremony with a garden party – with activities such as bouncy castles and traditional games like ‘Hook the Duck’ – all topped off with a ‘Build Your Own Ice Cream’ stall!

When the Winter ceremony arrives and it is not possible to run around in the sun, many centres will combine their presentations with Christmas parties. Others will host an ‘Exhibition of Work’ day and invite the student’s whole family, favourite teacher, even a local celebrity to see the excellent work being produced by local children and teenagers!

However the awards are presented, there is no doubt as to the effect they have. Medals are often re-presented at school, T-shirts worn with pride and certificates framed on bedroom walls.

And the lasting effect? Motivation to continue!

(Do you want your child to benefit from better motivation? Visit a MagiKats centre today!)