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MagiKats Tutoring England

MagiKats offers out-of-school tutoring in maths and English, for any child from pre-school to GCSE and National 5.

Help your child or teenager today by enquiring at your nearest Maths and English Tuition Centre and find out how MagiKats can improve their subject skills, study skills and confidence.

More than just worksheets - our fun and interactive workshops provide a positive learning experience.

More than just a tutor - our comprehensive programme provides an individual mix of teaching and practice for every student.

More than just sitting in front of a PC - we believe human beings will always do a better job than a machine and our mentors are a great example of that!


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What would you like to know about MagiKats?

Weekly workshops support the school curriculum and a separate core skills programme provides functional skills development. With study skills, thinking skills and problem-solving skills included at every level, the effect of the MagiKats programmes spreads across all subjects. 


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We help to improve students' language skills and also to develop a love for learning.. READ MORE >>

Reasoning skills for much more than just exam preparation… READ MORE >>

Our Maths and English GCSE and N5 support offers additional help as the exams approach.. READ MORE >>

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Family life is complicated

We know that it is hard to fit everything in, so MagiKats tries to help. Students attend a weekly workshop, and then usually receive a weekly work pack of five, short, core skills assignments. These are designed to maintain their learning momentum until their next visit.

However, as every student has their own, individual programme, we can adapt to help busy families fit in the vital additional maths and English support that is needed.

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MagiKats maths and english tuition centres: SUPPORT YOUR CHILD and FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE