How exactly DOES MagiKats help with school work?

The MagiKats programme has been designed to support work being done in school. The first thing to say – it is NOT a replacement! We aim to support each child, as an individual, as they work to develop their maths and English skills. It does not stop there though, as our educational approach also encourages thinking skills, problem solving skills and strong communication skills. Here are some common questions about how MagiKats can help a child with their school work:

Question: Does MagiKats cover my child's school's curriculum?

Answer: All of our materials have been carefully prepared to be consistent with the school curriculum. When requirements change, so do the MagiKats materials. At their workshop, students are taught topics of direct relevance to their current school year.  The sessions are structured so that every individual works at their own level; meaning that those needing extension benefit as much as those who need consolidation or remedial help.

Question: Do you teach the same methods as school?

Answer: We are always monitoring the latest changes in teaching methods and adjust our materials accordingly. Where a child is studying material which they have already covered at school, we try to support the method they have been shown, to avoid any confusion or conflicts developing.

Question: Do you offer courses for scholarship exams?

Answer: Depending on the area in which you live, many centres offer revision programmes at all levels. Some also provide work for those taking Common Entrance, or other area-specific exams. Your local Principal will be able to advise you on the best options for your child. In 2016, we launched a revised programme to support students with Year 6 SATS. Our GCSE Support Programme, launched in September 2016, supports students as they prepare for the new, tougher GCSE exams from June 2017.

Question: How do you know what work to give him/her?

Answer: Every child works with the Principal, at enrolment, on what we call a placement. This is not a test, but a way of establishing their individual need. This forms the basis for the starting programme. On a week-to-week basis, their progress is monitored and changes are made to the programme if necessary. Twice per year we carry out more formal testing.

Question: How long before I can expect to see some results?

Answer: Unfortunately, there is no “magic wand” we can wave – despite our name! What you will find, however, is that children will receive an almost immediate confidence boost. This happens because they are receiving the support which they, as an individual, need. Improvement in a subject does take time, which is why we ask everyone to give us three months in which to start to see specific improvement. However, the psychological improvement is almost instant!

Question: Do the schools approve of MagiKats?

Answer: Schools can be sceptical of any out-of-school programme. This is understandable. However, once a MagiKats Tuition Centre is successfully established in an area, it works alongside local schools to provide support to specific pupils. Many schools recommend us to their parents. We do not ask schools to endorse our programme as this is not a fair question to ask of them.

Question: Do I have to tell the school if my child is enrolled with MagiKats?

Answer: There is no need to tell the school – unless you wish.

Written by the team at MagiKats HQ

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