Top Tips for October Half-Term Fun

October half term is a busy time for MagiKats parents. After a long school starter kids are often tired, and ready to blow off steam. It can be a really good break if you have some plans which can be low cost, and educational.

How To Have a Fun Half-Term in October and Learn a Little!

  1. Of course there’s MagiKats maths and English programmes to consider. We continue classes during the school holiday breaks. We’d be delighted for you to come in, with your children, and see us about any education concerns you might have after their first half term at school. Just call your local centre to book your place.
  2. There are still some fair weather days in October half-term to enjoy. Check out free National Trust walks and see the trees changing colour from green to gorgeous golds, ambers and reds. Inspiring stuff! Great for exercise and outdoor fun.
  3. Check what’s on at your local library, artists’ gallery or museum. Usually run by the local community or council, these bodies are funded and tasked to come up with half-term children’s activities. You can find something to suit all ages (usually). Most of these activities are subsidised, and have an educational aspect. Beats the movies.
  4. Surprisingly, children enjoy gardening, and find it very relaxing too. If you have summer weeds that need pulling up, and grass that needs a cut, get out there with them and teach them how to maintain a lovely garden. They’ll love putting things in buckets and digging up plant roots. They’ll also love time with you, (and away from their screen devices). Why not get them to plant spring bulbs and be responsible for keeping the beds tidy until they burst with colourful flowers next year?
  5. Earning extra pocket money teaches children about money, savings and responsibility. Perhaps they could help with some cleaning (maybe the shoe cupboard or polishing their school shoes), or learn how to put on a washing load with the same colours? The possibilities are endless! Incredibly, most kids like learning how to manage a house, because one day they will have their own.
  6. Visit a local garden centre, farm or supermarket and pick up a big pumpkin to hollow out for Halloween. You could use the process to teach them how to make pumpkin soup too!

The most valuable thing you can give your children over half-term is something new and interesting. I hope these tips help you decide how to keep them busy and happy over half-term.

Visit Your Local MagiKats Centre

To locate your MagiKats centre click here and scroll down the ‘centres’ tab which shows our Tuition Centres by area name. We will personally work with your child to identify what stage they are at with their maths and/or English. This placement session takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. It gives us the opportunity to understand the student before they think about joining MagiKats and chat to parents. It is also a great opportunity to see the lovely environment we work in and some of the materials we use.