What Made All the Difference When You Were Ten?

Ask yourself this question:

What special things about school and education would you remember if you could go back to when you were a ten year-old?

At MagiKats we have a lot of students around this age who constantly surprise us with their ability to understand new concepts and their determination to learn. Each child is unique and expresses their ideas and personality differently. This makes for some very interesting, funny and enlightening conversations.

Hearing “You’re Wonderful”

Mark Twain once said; “I can live for two months on a good compliment.” The first thing you may remember - if speaking to your ten year-old self again - is how full of life you were; how ready to take on the world; how much you wanted to be the best. As we grow into adults we sometimes hold back on giving compliments. Children however, thrive on carefully chosen words and phrases that tell them how wonderful they are.

Remembering to “Value a Good Teacher”

If you time-travelled back to see yourself in those days, no doubt you would enjoy meeting your favourite teacher all over again, and doubly enjoy whatever it was that made them a valuable addition to your life. We can all recall a special teacher who made our lives better. Ten year-olds are hungry for role-models and are studying all the habits and mannerisms of adult figures in their lives right now - including you (and us)! No pressure…

“Games, Gimmicks and Crazes are Awesome”

For you it might have been skipping rope, tennis ball games, Play-Doh, Twister, marbles, Bros T-Shirts or sweet-smelling erasers that made school play-time so much fun. At ten we all like to feel part of the gang and as an adult, you now know that being part of a movement of people involved in something that unifies them, is the best feeling ever. You would tell yourself to get involved. Join in.

Always “Laugh at Your Mistakes”

Psychologist Henry C Link said; “While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior.” Today’s ten-year-olds aren’t reading Henry C Link, but most have seen the movie Frozen and heard Elsa say; “The greatest mistake that you can make in life is continually fearing you will make one.” If wanted to give your ten-year-old self a piece of important advice, it would probably be to laugh at yourself a little more and enjoy making mistakes.

All these elements made a difference to your ten-year-old self: praise from those whose opinion you valued, the guidance provided by an excellent mentor, fun and games with your peers, learning through mistakes. All these elements are also integral parts of our enjoyable MagiKats workshops.

If you want to know more about MagiKats and how we can help your child, then we’d love to speak with you. Please visit www.magikats.co.uk/centres to contact your local Principal.