MagiKats Maths and English Tuition in Durham

Principal: Lorraine Stephens

Workshop Days and Times:
Saturday 10:15-11:40am

St Andrew's Church, Carr Avenue
Brandon, Durham, DH7 8QG
0191 378 2762


A message from Lorraine:

I hope you have been excited by the MagiKats website and would like to know more about your local workshops in Durham. My students attend once a week and study either maths or English, or both subjects. My staff and I take great care to welcome the students and to ensure that they work very hard but also enjoy being with us.

Our groups are small and my staff well-trained with understanding of the needs of each student. We work in small groups so that we can respond to each student with appropriate help and encouragement. Our goal is for each student to become confident with maths and English but most of our students go on to excel in these important subjects. Our workshops set the students challenges they can achieve and their individually prepared homework allows them to practise at home, further increasing their fluency and confidence.

I can be contacted through this site, e-mail or telephone if you would like further information regarding the way MagiKats helps students achieve their goals, or details of our workshop venues, times or fees. Parents usually bring their child to a workshop for an initial meeting. This gives me the opportunity to understand the student before they join MagiKats and for parents to see the materials we use.

Now that you know more about MagiKats, I hope you will not hesitate to get in touch.
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Magic at MagiKats!

For our end of term workshop, Steve treated the students to a fabulous magic show which gave all of them a great start to the holidays.   
Magic tricks with volume
This is a fun way to learn about volume.
Magic trick using length
Ideas about length are explored using a new variation of the famous rope trick.

Lots of smiles all round!

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