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Debra Thomas MagiKats Hereford Principal

"Every student works on a programme that is created just for them and has been developed to directly support the National Curriculum." - Debra Thomas, Principal


“Cameron has benefitted enormously from Magikats tuition, his confidence has been given a boost and he is now reading through his work to check for errors! He has enjoyed each week.”

- Michele Lewis

"It has been really worth my daughter attending. We no longer have tears when it comes to school maths homework! Thank you for this opportunity"

- Nicky Goodwin

‘I was struggling with English and maths, and the school actually advised me that it would be better not to take my English Literature GCSE as I was unlikely to pass.  I want to go to drama school so it was important to me to pass both English exams.  I came to MagiKats and studied maths and English.  Debbie explained that MagiKats concentrate on English Language, but that it would also help me in my Literature exam.  My tutor was brilliant and helped me to understand for the first time how to put an answer together.  I passed all my GCSEs, and got a grade 8 for English Language and a grade 7 for English Literature – the exam I was told I would fail!  Thank you so much!’

- Akil, Student


"My Daughter 15 really struggles with maths , since starting Magikats she is able to understand more and given more one to one time when needed; also feels she can ask for help with school homework she doesn’t understand and not scared to ask for help very friendly team thanks Deb"

- Tina Hoult

"My child age 10 really disliked school but since coming to magikats his attitude towards completing work has improved greatly along with his presentation of his work. He is also a lot more willing to learn new things and give things a try which just shows how much magikats is also building his self esteem. Thank you Debs"

Hazel Ridley

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MagiKats Hereford – more than just a tutor

MagiKats maths and English programme encourages students to build their confidence, thinking skills and problem-solving techniques.  We show them that learning can be fun, and we aim to give them a lifelong love of learning. 

The MagiKats maths and English programme follows the National Curriculum and allows students to work at their own pace and build their skills and confidence in these subjects.  In addition to these two core subjects, we also provide Reasoning to our existing students in Years 4 to 8 – continue reading for more information.  Our tuition centre welcomes children from pre-school through to GCSE level. 

The MagiKats approach to maths and English private tuition – the ‘fun factor’

Before enrolling with us students are invited to sit a placement which will enable us to design a learning programme tailored for your child.  This is initial meeting is also a great opportunity for parents and students to get a feel for our centre. This session takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Upon enrolment, each student is assigned to a highly experienced mentor who will work with a group of a maximum of six students.  Each mentor is passionate about helping students achieve their full potential by using a variety of educational resources which include learning games and discussions which all create a fun learning environment for our students.  The MagiKats approach of learning in small groups encourages students to build their supportive social skills and to make friends with other like-minded students.

A new subject exclusive to MagiKats – Reasoning

We are delighted to announce that MagiKats Hereford is now offering Reasoning to existing students of maths or English from year 4 to 8.  Students who are not currently studying with us can enrol to study either maths or English and take the Reasoning programme in addition.

Reasoning is an integral part of a child`s education enabling them to resolve problems, think strategically and quantify their ideas.  All these skills are essential and GCSE examinations already ask students to qualify their answers.  Our Reasoning programme will not only improve students’ general reasoning skills but can also be used as preparation for entrance exams and 11 plus examinations for other areas.

Meet the Team

As the Principal of MagiKats Hereford, I have worked in Education for over 25 years, and I have been a Foster Carer in Herefordshire since 2005. Having worked with children for many years I realised that most could benefit from extra support or extension in Maths and English, and I decided that the time was right to invest in this new and exciting venture.

All our mentors are carefully selected and fully trained. With working groups limited to a maximum of six students, mentors have the time to understand the student’s individual needs and monitor their progress.  Over time students develop a relationship of trust with their mentors enabling them to ask questions they might not ask in school, and to prove to themselves that they can achieve.

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