MagiKats Maths & English Tuition Hove

"Our tuition centre is fun, friendly and has a happy, busy buzz. Students love attending and we work hard to support them in every way possible." - Sarah and Holly, Principals



"MagiKats is a great way of improving a child's confidence in a fun way. It's individual to each child encouraging them to reach their own potential."

- Julia Johnson


"MagiKats is different to school and it has really helped my children gain confidence and understanding. They are always happy to go!"

Joanne Seddon

"It is a really fun place and each week I learn something new. The teachers are kind and fun. If you work hard you get great prizes!"

- Happy Parent


"The girls at MagiKats are wonderful. Always helpful and smiley. Lila loves them! Although she never really wants to do her homework, it has really helped her keep up with her work at school."

Polly Wedge

A message from the Principal of MagiKats Hove

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at the MagiKats programme. Our tuition centre is fun, friendly and has a happy, busy buzz. Students love attending and we work hard to support them in every way possible. Between us, we have years of experience teaching in schools and tutoring, and thoroughly enjoy supporting children in their educational development. We are very aware of the demands in a classroom at school and how some children just need that bit of extra support to help them reach their full potential. That’s where we can help. MagiKats is completely based on the National Curriculum and is individualised to support each child.

Children attend our workshops for a variety of reasons; some want to catch up, some want to get ahead and some just need certain concepts consolidating. Working in small groups, students have one-on-one time with their tutor and are also encouraged to work independently to ensure they are secure with their learning. Working with other students in a school-like environment is a real confidence boost too, as they aren’t singled out and see that other children need help too! 

We find the dual approach of MagiKats really works. Students attend our weekly workshops, working through trickier topics with the support of their tutor and our multi-sensory resources. In addition to this, a small amount of carefully chosen homework is set each week to fill gaps and strengthen core skills.

If you’d like to find out more or see what current availability we have, please get in touch for a chat. We are available Monday to Thursday mornings. We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

A few pictures from our centre:


How to find MagiKats Maths and English Tuition in Hove:


71a Church Road,
Hove, East Sussex,

Text Number: 07833 445 979

Workshop Days and Times:

Monday 3:50-6:10pm
Tuesday 3:50-6:10pm
Wednesday 3:50-6:10pm
Thursday 3:50-6:10pm