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Jane Williams | MagiKats Principal Llandaff North

"We are a great team and as a result, the atmosphere at the centre is one of fun and eagerness. Open every week throughout term time and holidays we offer a consistent approach at a price everyone can afford." - Jane Williams, Principal

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"The standard of education quality skyrockets when you start the courses! Whether you are struggling at school or wanting to learn more, MagiKats will open your mind."

- William

"MagiKats has made me so much more confident in maths. In English I know how to spell 'isosceles' and what it is from maths. I really enjoy coming to MagiKats!"

- Selihom


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Current news from our centre

This month we are celebrating as 100% of students taking entrance exams for Howells, Habdashers Monmouth, and Westbourne have gained places and won scholarships. We are very proud of these students. There are others who have also made tremendous progress and is particularly pleasing as they are Welsh School students and as a result of their hard work in MagiKats they are now competent in both Welsh and English. We have many students that attend Welsh school and come to us to enrich their English language ability so that they will achieve good GCSE results in both.

We also have two returning students that are now placed with us to complete their placement for the Welsh Bacculaureate, they are very welcome and as they know our systems they also act as role models for other students

Our focus this term on reading and comprehension is having excellent results as is our focus on mental maths, students tell us that they are scoring higher in tests at school.

In Wales we celebrate St David's Day with music and literature; some students have asked that we help them with speaking their poems so we are always able to help and use their group and waiting parents as audiences to help them practice. I wish them all good luck.

A warm message from our Principal

A message from Jane Williams, Principal Llandaff North Maths and English Tuition Centre

“Is your child struggling with Maths or English? Would you like regular homework for your child?”

If you have answered yes then we have the answers at Llandaff North Maths and English Tuition Centre. Curriculums change and new ideas come and go, but I believe that at MagiKats, our Maths and English Tuition Centre in Llandaff North, we have a great product that meets the needs of all students and leads to improvement and progress being made for every student. The combination of workshop and homework offers each student the required challenge and reinforcement of skills. Open every week throughout term time and holidays we offer a consistent approach at a price everyone can afford.

The MagiKats System

Maths and English workshops are delivered regularly throughout the year in groups at our Tuition Centre. Each student works at his own level, with a teacher, completing worksheets and using resources to learn new skills and reinforce those already known. Personalised homework is given each week to ensure students practice using their skills and knowledge independently at home. Parents are even given the answers! At our Prize Giving event the best parent marker is always rewarded….

The Centre

I have been the Principal of the MagiKats Maths and English Tuition Centre in Llandaff North for over two years. During this time we have grown as a centre and have four teaching staff and two assistants as well as a receptionist and administrator. We are a great team and as a result, the atmosphere at the centre is one of fun and eagerness. It has been a great journey for me from class teacher to school inspector and back to teaching small groups at MagiKats. 

How to Join

If you would like your child to have this opportunity then ring me and we can chat about your child’s needs and book a placement assessment which is carried out carefully and confidentially and used to place your child in the right group so that we can ….make it right at MagiKats.

MagiKats Cardif Tuition Centre | Support for English and Maths

Here at MagiKats Cardiff we celebrate student’s achievements in every workshop, in their homework and at our end of year Achievement Awards Ceremony.

CALL ON: 029 2132 1130

Llandaff North MagiKats Centre Details

Principal: Jane Williams

Workshop Days and Times:

Tuesday 4:00-7:00pm
Wednesday 4:00-7:00pm
Thursday 4:00-6:00pm


91 Station Road
Llandaff North, Cardiff, CF14 2FD

Llandaff North MagiKats Centre Location


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