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from pre-school all the way to leaving school

AGE RANGE: Under 5 | 5-7 | 7-99-11 | 11-14 | Over 14



Students Under 5

MagiKats English Student Under 5

Preschoolers benefit most from a rounded education, combining both literacy and numeracy skills. Our preschool students usually study the same topics at both the workshops and at home, giving immediate learning reinforcement. As with the rest of the MagiKats programme, we use a mixture of activities to help learning. Click here to download a sample


Students from 5 to 7

MagiKats English Workshop Aged 5-7

When it comes to providing tuition for your 5 to 7 year old, we focus on topics that build their foundation literacy skills, such as reading and writing. Although most children will be in primary school at this age, they may lack the study skills and confidence needed to make the most of this time, so we help them develop fine and gross motor skills, improve their concentration ability and study approaches as well as grasp the basic literacy skills needed for KS1 and early KS2. Click here to download a sample


Students from 7 to 9

Maths Workshop for 5-7 England  

MagiKats English tutoring not only supports your child in developing their literacy skills such as spelling, grammar and punctuation, but also helps to give them the focus and self belief required to tackle their KS2 subject areas confidently. Click here to download a sample

These topics include: rhythm; phonics & spelling; high frequency word recognition & vocabulary development; constructing sentences; synonyms & antonyms; consequences; reading & writing comprehension of both fiction & non-fiction texts.


Students from 9 to 11

english tutor in Hove - MagiKats

During this period, MagiKats continues to help your child master the literacy topics not only in KS2 but also in the transition to secondary school. The confidence your child will have in knowing they are well prepared for any exam they might sit, such as common entrance or SATs, will ensure they achieve their full potential. Additionally, as children move from primary to secondary education, the skills needed to succeed at school change and so this is also reflected in our English tutoring. Click here to download a sample

Topics we cover include: word development; different types of punctuation & their uses; vocabulary devices; dialogue; biography; discussion & persuasive writing; reading & writing comprehension of both fiction & non-fiction texts.


Students from 11 to 14

Extra English Lessons in Guildford

At the start of secondary school education and KS3, MagiKats provides support across a variety of English topics to help consolidate and improve our students' English skills. We aim to make the change in learning style from primary to secondary education as smooth as possible so that students can apply what they have already learned, focus on their work and have the confidence to tackle new challenges. Click here to download a sample

Topics may include: vocabulary development & correct usage; presentation & construction of sentences; vocabulary devices; reading & writing comprehension of both fiction & non-fiction texts; rhymes; synopsis.


Students over 14

Extra Tutoring for English in Stevenage

We know that the last few years of secondary school are vital. MagiKats has designed a programme for teens which is aimed at keeping them highly motivated to reach their potential. MagiKats English tutoring compliments all KS4 topics and helps to consolidate the subject skills needed to take students through to GCSEs or other formal exams. Once in Year 10, we have our GCSE Support Programme to focus learning right up until exam time. We aim to equip our students with life skills that will take them through their last years of secondary school, further and higher education and into the working world. Click here to download a sample


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