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A proven tuition programme that guarantees results!

The MagiKats maths and English programme is proven to help students achieve their full potential.  Our tuition provides an extension of topics studied at school in line with National Curriculum, whilst also working on filling in any gaps in fundamental core skills.

MagiKats North East is a network of tuition centres each one offering a supportive workshop environment to help students build their skills and confidence.

An approach which incorporates a range of learning styles.

Our primary focus is to get to know your child.  We will work together with you to understand your child’s goals and then he or she will complete a short assessment which enables us to design a bespoke learning plan tailored just for your child. At MagiKats every child receives an individually planned programme based on their needs, whilst remaining consistent with the National Curriculum.  This approach gives both an immediate confidence boost and has long-term learning benefits.

Each student works with a mentor who supports and guides them using a multi-sensory approach of tasks, challenged, worksheets and practical, hands-on activities.  Our pupils range from preschoolers to GCSE students and we also offer specific preparation for 11+, SATs and GCSE exams.

All of our mentors are DBS checked, suitably qualified and fully trained by MagiKats.  Mentors work with small group of students providing continuous support and progression.  Each child is carefully monitored, and mentors ensure that no student is allowed to struggle. Our goal is to enable your child to build their skills and confidence, so they work to reach their full potential. 

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