Avoid ‘over-tutoring’ your child and learn with MagiKats

Reading The Telegraph Education pages recently, an article featuring independent schools’ admission tactics caught my eye. It seems both grammar schools and independent schools are looking for students who “operate much more naturally” through “interactive modes of assessment”.

Don’t ‘jump through hoops’ - Learn Without Limits at MagiKats

I had to smile to myself. At MagiKats we pointedly avoid referring to our staff as ‘tutors’ and employ MagiKats ‘mentors’. It’s a not-so-subtle distinction reflecting our learning personality at MagiKats. We believe students learn better when they enjoy themselves. We don’t teach to the test, and we most certainly do not produce “performing animals”.

Maths and English Small Group Collaboration at MagiKats

Our sessions contain collaborative, problem-solving activities which many distinguished preparatory schools in the UK are now using as part of their admissions interviews. Finally, an education policy I can get on board with!

MagiKats' Learning Gives Students The Edge

Since opening over ten years ago, we have always worked towards helping every child to make their aptitude shine. For us, it has always been about taking the longer-term approach to realise the child’s full potential. Not test prep cramming, or asking ‘what test do you need to pass?’.

Grammar School Admissions Tests post 2016 - Final Comments

The Telegraph article I mentioned asserts grammar schools and independent schools will introduce six-hour interviews, with formal tests breaking up the day.  There’ll be a lot of interactive work, designed to draw out a student’s personality. This is all designed to weed out ‘over-tutored candidates’.

Our MagiKats' magic formula is simple: we teach solid maths and English skills with imaginative, open-ended tasks in small groups with highly qualified and trained mentors. Our students are confident and highly engaged, owning the process - all the way. Would I describe the students in our workshops as ‘heavily tutored’? Not on your life.

By Sarah Marsh, MagiKats HQ

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