Depressing statistics in adult literacy and numeracy – how can MagiKats help?

At MagiKats, we don't usually focus on adult literacy and numeracy, but with the launch of our GCSE Support Programme last month, we have been watching out for what has been in the press - and it has been depressing! Many of you will be aware of the government’s concern regarding adult literacy and numeracy in the UK showing that around five million adults are lacking basic reading, writing and numeracy skills, according to analysis for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

At MagiKats we are working to improve those figures from the root – improving grades and avoiding retakes!

How bad is the situation?

Overall the UK ranks 15th for numeracy and 17th for literacy among the 34 OECD countries. In England (N.B. figures not for UK as a whole) 23% of 16 – 18-year-olds are at the lowest level for literacy and 29% of the same age group are at the lowest level for numeracy. (Statistics from: - This means that nearly a quarter of our young adults are ill-equipped for coping with life and work.

What is being done nationally?

This is part of the reason for the new policy that all school students should achieve an A* - C (soon to be changed in line with the new grading of 9 -1) in both Maths and English Language. Many apprenticeship programmes also now require these qualifications either before signing up or to be completed during the apprenticeship.

So how does this affect MagiKats?

We can work with our students before they become the new adult statistics. There is much debate, especially in the aftermath of the recent GCSE results, about whether or not these exams are fit for purpose; whether or not these new requirements are attainable; whether or not the Functional Skills route would be a better option. We all have our opinions but the reality is that the system is in place and we at MagiKats Maths & English are here to provide support and, with our new GCSE programmes designed carefully around the new syllabuses now in place, we are ready to provide that support.

This way we can be proactive rather than reactive!

From the team at MagiKats HQ