How Does MagiKats Help Children Succeed?

Success at MagiKats

At MagiKats, we know the moment your child chooses to take their journey with us, they will drive the process.

Parents tell us they are hoping their child will improve at school. Sometimes they want examination support or to fill basic skills gaps, other times they want to improve confidence or attitude in the classroom.

MagiKats asks each child how they wish to achieve success at school. This child-centred approach keeps students returning to us, year on year.

Question: DOES MagiKats COVER THE school curriculum?

Answer: Whatever year your child is in, MagiKats sessions are there to support with topics linked to school.

All maths and English programme materials are carefully prepared to support the school curriculum. When things change at the national level, so does MagiKats. We put together individual maths and English tuition programmes in response to students who need challenge, extension, consolidation or special help.

Question: Will MagiKats teach different methods?

Answer: At MagiKats, we design programmes using all types of learning styles, and we respond to how each child learning with us likes being taught.

We are part of our community, involved with local schools and working with classroom teachers. MagiKats supports the latest working out methods used in school.

Question: What Programmes Do You Offer?

Answer: MagiKats supports children with specialist programmes for the following curriculum areas in mathematics and English:

  • GCSE Revision Programmes
  • National 5 Revision Programmes
  • Year 6 (Key Stage 2) SATS tuition
  • Primary curriculum support
  • Staged secondary curriculum support for ages 11-16

Question: Describe a MagiKats First Meeting

Answer: Despite our name, we don’t ‘magically’ decide how to approach each student! What we do is diagnostic testing.

When we first meet you we listen to what you believe will help, and what your concerns are.

Next, we speak with your child, finding out how they feel about learning, what they think isn’t working, and most importantly, what they’d like to do about it! We see children experience a confidence boost almost immediately, as it truly becomes ‘their’ journey. They are in charge.

The work follows, where we look to see the child’s current skill level, and how we can help to begin to improve that. It’s only after this initial meeting and assessment that we ask you to make a decision whether or not to enrol in our support programmes.

Question: How long before school reports will improve?

Answer: MagiKats is a successful maths and English support programme which carries out twice-yearly formal testing, week-to-week programme monitoring and makes changes, if necessary, to individual learning plans.

Provided a student gives their best effort, maths and English skills improve. We ask parents to take a snapshot view, before and after their child has worked with us for three months. Changes in attitudes to school work, homework and learning seem to adjust fast. For a struggling student, being put in charge of their own learning is exciting and fun. They want to do better – and they do!

Question: Do schools approve of MagiKats?

Answer: Yes. Children find our workshops fun to attend, entertaining, stimulating and challenging. It is always enjoyable to learn in a positive, friendly environment, and this attitude carries over to their school life. Learning is fun!

We meet many students who feel a bit lost, as they are getting behind at school and not sure why. Schools sometimes start out sceptical if they find out a student is being ‘tutored’. However, our students (who are the most familiar with MagiKats) know how hard we work to help them. We are delighted by how many children we have enrolled who attend the same schools and found us through word-of-mouth.

Question: Do I have to inform my child’s school they’re enrolled with MagiKats?

Answer: You may wish to, but there is no specific requirement.

To hear from students who have improved at school, you might like to visit some of our MagiKats student case studies for further reading.

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