3 compelling reasons that make summer private tuition programmes a no-brainer

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As the last school bell rings at the end of the summer term, there’s no doubt that most children are looking forward to long, lazy days with no school and better still, no homework. Private tuition programmes probably aren’t part of their plans! But whilst undoubtedly children do need a break from the routine and hard work of school, and have plenty of time to relax, it’s also really important to keep up a certain amount of learning during the long summer break. And that applies to any child, whether they’ve been doing really well in class or are struggling in certain areas.

So, before your children throw their school books and pens under the bed to gather some summery dust, here are three compelling reasons to include some summer private tuition programmes for your children as part of your holiday plans.

1. Prevent summer learning loss

Summer learning loss (or the summer slide as it’s also known) is the loss of academic skills and knowledge over the course of the summer holidays and has been recognised as a phenomenon since the early 1990s.

It’s a bit like going to the gym.  If you go regularly and work hard, you soon start to reap the benefits. But if you take two months off, you soon find your fitness levels dropping!  The brain is a muscle, and so it also needs regular work outs to keep it fit - and there’s plenty of research to prove it.

Your child could lose 30% of their learning over the summer!

It’s estimated that children can lose up to 30% of their maths, English and reading skills over the summer break and research published by Cambridge University indicates that the summer break can hit children moving up to secondary school particularly hard, finding “30% per cent of students made no progress in mathematics, and 50 per cent made no progress in English or science” in Year 7, as a result.

Long term detrimental impact

If your child is a more vulnerable learner (because he learns differently, struggles with a particular subject etc.) the summer slide can result in them falling even further behind.

But even if your child has excelled, they can lose valuable learning over the summer and a recent survey revealed that 1 in 5 children are less engaged in the learning process by September, with 75% of parents feeling that their child’s ability had slipped over the holidays.

The loss can also have a compounding effect meaning that losses can build up over the years, resulting in overall lower grades.

Even teachers can be adversely affected, having to spend more time reteaching old subjects which means they lose time for teaching valuable new material. In fact, in Barnsley in Yorkshire, they have actually reduced the summer holiday to 5 weeks to help reduce the summer slide.

Preventing the slide isn’t hard

Yet research also shows that just 2 or 3 hours per week can prevent summer learning loss. There’s lots you can do yourself to encourage continuous summer learning depending on your child’s age but key areas to focus on are of course maths, English and general reading and writing skills.

If you are not sure what you can do at home, then why not find out more about our structured summer private tuition programmes? They take care of all the hard work for you and help your child to progress and thrive in key areas.

2. Build your child’s confidence

Confidence is everything. Without it, children can lose their motivation to learn, and can struggle to face some of the many challenges that they have to deal with at school, whether that’s exam pressure, bullying or anything in between.

One of the benefits of the MagiKats’ summer private tuition programmes is that children both experience success and satisfaction, building their self-confidence and self-esteem. As every MagiKats student has a programme built just for them, there are no competitive activities and so each child can succeed at what they are engaged in comfortably, and without the pressure of being ranked.

The result is that when they go back to school, what they’ve achieved and the praise they’ve received over the summer means rather than falling behind, they’ve actually progressed, and they’ll also have built and improved their self-confidence. Which gives them the best possible start to a new academic year.

The children also develop their social skills through meeting children from other schools and with other backgrounds. This interaction promotes cooperation and cultivates the discipline and appreciation of respecting others as well as helping to boost confidence.

3. Ease family tensions

We might like to harbour romantic dreams about long and idyllic summer holidays, but the truth is, that they can be enormously stressful. You may be juggling work commitments with increased childcare costs, or you may be struggling to think of ways to entertain the children and how to pay for it all. It may just be the daily battle of trying to get your children away from their computer games or resolving sibling arguments, but the fact remains that the summer holidays are a challenge for most families.

The MagiKats summer private tuition programme help with all of those challenges, giving the holiday weeks some structure, giving you the parents some valuable time and space and getting the children away from their computers and giving them something fun and stimulating to do.

And yes, we do mean fun! Because we’ve worked very hard to design programmes that are fun so that your children won’t even realise they’re learning as they work! And our programmes are a great deal more affordable and convenient than a day out in London or a trip to a theme park!

Want to know more about the MagiKats summer programme?

We provide continued private tuition programmes during the holidays for anyone aged 4 to 16 years of age. We offer extra support in English and maths – two of the most critical subjects for any school pupil. But that’s by no means all we do.

This summer, we’re focusing on reasoning within maths and English:

  • Maths students work on MATHEMATICAL REASONING and the ability to follow instructions carefully and correctly.  In workshops, this involves investigations, practice on logical thinking and learning how to find ‘rules’ and patterns where these exist. These are skills that are now needed in every school year. 

  • English students work on VERBAL REASONING and developing WRITING SKILLS, especially applied to non-fiction.  In workshops, older students do this through writing for newsletters or newspapers whilst younger students practise interpretation of events and writing their own text to accompany pictures in books.

And all our students work at their own speed, whatever key stage they’re at!   You can find all the details of programmes in your area here.

So, if you really do want to enjoy a great summer, without some of the usual stresses and strains (without giving yourself even more work to do trying to teach your children yourself) and knowing that you’re giving your children the best possible start to next year, then our summer private tuition programmes really are a no brainer.

And rather than being a battle to get your kids outside and off their computers, we’re pretty confident that your children will enjoy getting away from their parents once in a while too!

from the team at MagiKats HQ