When to consider getting your child private tuition

At this time of year, it’s both tempting and easy to let your child abandon all schoolwork and kick back and relax for the rest of the summer. And in fact, at MagiKats we very much believe in the importance of giving your child the time and space to unwind after the hard slog of the summer term. 

However, there are some particular times during your child’s school years when it may be important to consider some private tuition. So in this blog, we look at the some of the tell-tale signs that your child may benefit from a little extra help:

The summer holidays!

Yes, it is important to let your child relax over the summer. However, bear in mind that for the last few weeks of the summer term, there is a high chance there’s been less emphasis on learning and more emphasis on sports day, end of year productions, leavers’ services, school trips and the host of other activities that all seem to happen in the run up to the holidays. Add to that six weeks of holiday, and there’s a significant chance that your child will have forgotten some important learning by the time September comes.

We’ve written about this before and a lot of research has been done into what has become known as the effects of “summer slide”. Research in 2017 for example, showed that “The average student loses a month of academic-calendar learning each summer”, with older students suffering more and maths being a key area affected.  The research also found that “summer slide contributes to a more pronounced achievement gap.”

The bottom line is, if your child has struggled in the previous academic year, or you are worried about how they are going to cope in the forthcoming year, it’s time to consider some private tuition during the holidays. This doesn’t have to be intensive and once a week is normally more than sufficient to help ensure your child is in a strong and confident position in September.

Problems with behaviour

Poor behaviour at home or at school can be as a result of many things but in the classroom, it’s often a sign that your child may be struggling. Once you’ve ruled out hearing, sight or other causes, it’s worth considering private tuition.

A child who simply doesn’t understand and is struggling to keep up can often turn to naughty behaviour. This can be particularly so if your child suddenly starts behaving badly in a particular class or subject. Speak to their teacher, speak to your child and consider some private tuition to help ensure they can manage …and then go on to excel!

Your child is bright, and the school isn’t developing them sufficiently

A child who is outperforming the rest of the class can also turn to naughty behaviour if they’re not been challenged enough, and that’s very easy in today’s crowded classrooms.

Private tuition can help your child fulfil their potential. What’s more, as their performance and hopefully their behaviour improves, it’s a very clear signal to the school that this is a bright pupil who may need to be challenged a bit more in the classroom – something which unfortunately doesn’t always come across if a child is simply disruptive.

The start of a new school

The change from one school to another is always daunting and particularly so, when it’s the move from primary to secondary school. The beginning of secondary marks a big step change, with lots more homework and more challenging schoolwork too.

Whilst you shouldn’t worry too much about your child’s exam results, use them as a benchmark for areas your child may need some help. Private tuition over the school holidays provides a number of benefits: it ensures your child is up to date and where they should be at the start of the next year, helps plug any gaps and builds on what they already know. It also helps build their confidence both academically and socially as they meet new children and better still, it gives them something to do over the weeks ahead!

At the beginning of their GCSE or N5s

Some schools now spread GCSEs or N5s over three years rather than two. But the important take away for these important years of study is not to wait until it’s too late before considering private tuition. Supporting them throughout these years from the beginning with private tuition can make a huge difference to their performance and confidence and also eases the stresses and strains when it comes to mocks and final exams.

Before it’s too late

Your child can run into difficulties for all sorts of reasons. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not bright. Perhaps they don’t get on well with a particular method of teaching or with a teacher. Perhaps there are other distractions in class beyond their control preventing them from concentrating.

Falling behind can have a very negative effect on your child’s confidence but it’s also a problem that is easy to solve. A small amount of private tuition can make a world of difference to performance, understanding, confidence and in turn, your child’s overall wellbeing.

The key is to keep an eye on how your child is doing at school and if in doubt, why not give us a call to see whether private tuition could help. We have over 40 years’ experience in education and offer affordable workshop style tuition designed to support the school curriculum whilst still being fun! School can be tough, but with a little MagiKats magic, it could be a lot easier.