Summer school – a special treat?

The MagiKats Summer Programme
The MagiKats Summer Programme

Summer is a time we all really look forward to, as it promises a long-awaited holiday and, hopefully, some elusive sunshine! It is certainly a time that school children look forward to – no school and the chance to do what they want. For their parents, however, it’s stress! What can they do to keep the kids busy? Who will look after them when they have to go to work?

Keeping the kids busy

For part of every week at least, they can come to MagiKats! We are able to provide continued study during the holidays for anyone aged 4 to 16 years of age. We offer extra support in English and maths - two of the most critical subjects for any school pupil. That’s not all however! In this year’s programme we also focus on reasoning skills – that extra element that will help your child really stand out, whether in standard school tests or for entrance exams and 11+.

But why would your child agree to extra English and maths in the holidays, and how can attending MagiKats help them, without them feeling they are being subjected to ‘extra school’?

Keeping kids' brains active

First, let’s imagine that you have decided to join a gym and start to get fit, but two to three months in, you take a break. One or two months pass by and you return, only to realise that you are getting tired more quickly during Sh’Bam, or that those last five reps in Body Pump suddenly seem impossible – when you could manage them before! We all know why this has happened, and the brain is another muscle, so imagine what is happening to kids’ brains during the long summer!

The benefits of engaging your child’s brain at MagiKats do not need spelling out. In addition, however, anyone who attends a MagiKats Summer Programme finds themselves able to develop his or her social skills through meeting children from other schools and with other backgrounds. This interaction promotes cooperation and cultivates the discipline and appreciation of respecting others.

What about enjoyment though? Through working with a friendly and encouraging mentor as part of a small ‘team’, the fun challenges provided in the MagiKats Summer Programme mean your child is learning without thinking about it!

Build your child's confidence

Here’s another benefit - a child who gets to exposed to continued study during the summer holiday will experience success and satisfaction, building his or her self-confidence and self-esteem. As every MagiKats student has a programme built just for them, there are no competitive activities and so each child can succeed at what they are engaged in comfortably, and without the pressure of being ranked.

Also, any child in MagiKats over the summer will relish the praise they are likely to get in September when they get back to school and have progressed, not fallen backwards.

Finally, continued learning of English and maths is important for any child since such skills are vital, whether for entrance exams, to pass at GCSE, or to gain admission to university. Whether your child wants to be an engineer, doctor, teacher or any other career, strong maths and English skills are a must.

Fun activities, keeping brains active, building confidence, developing social skills - basically, the MagiKats Summer Programme sends your child back to school with more ‘can do’!

From the team at MagiKats HQ