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Case Study - Lukas's Successful MagiKats Journey

8-year-old Lukas loves his football and sport. Like many kids, he dreams of being a professional footballer but at school he was struggling with phonics and literature. Lukas can be a quiet boy (although he’s talkative once you get to know him) but he’s not prone to asking for help in the classroom and his parents started to realise that he lacked confidence at school.

Big increase in children receiving private tuition

According to a survey carried out by the Sutton Trust in September 2016, 25% of state educated 11 to 16 years in the UK receive private tuition, with the number much higher in London. This represents a massive increase on 2015 figures when it was only 10%.

Are minimum qualifications for teachers enough to ensure quality?

I suspect many parents have been pulled up short when they have seen, from the recent press coverage, that many of those charged with their children’s earliest care and education may not have even a grade C GCSE in English and maths.

When Lucy came to MagiKats

When Lucy came to MagiKats

Beside me sat a solemn little girl.  Lucy was six years old, with huge brown eyes and a frighteningly matter of fact approach to life. “What do you like best about school?” I asked, “Home time!”

"My child just doesn't want to do school work with me!"

If I had a penny........ Seriously, this is mentioned in most (if not all) the enquiries I get for MagiKats. So, if you think it makes you abnormal, think again! 

Is tutoring your child for entrance exams “abhorrent”? One private school head thinks so!

A recent article in The Telegraph led with the headline, “Private tutoring is abhorrent says private school head.” (read it here) The position taken by the piece was that if a child needs tutoring to get into a school, then the school is probably not for them. I agree – to a point.

Tuition for your child - who to choose?

Are you one of those parents who, without realising it, has been quietly mulling over the comments made either in your child’s report at the end of last term or at the parent teacher meetings you recently attended?

Just admit it - you do want the best for your child!

And what is wrong with that?  I actually want even more!  I want the best for every child – which is much harder to achieve. “I'm not a pushy parent.”  That statement followed by ‘but’ forms part of almost every conversation that I have with a parent who gets in touch with a view to bringing along their child to see me about a boost in their maths or English.

MagiKats at home - a parent's perspective

MagiKats at home - a parent's perspective

Find out what it’s like to be a MagiKats parent.

The affordability of MagiKats

The affordability of MagiKats

How do you judge if something is good value? Find out what you get for your monthly fee at MagiKats maths and English tutoring.