Case Study - Lukas's Successful MagiKats Journey

Some children just need a little extra support!

Case Study - Luka - MagiKats Review for Math & English Lessons

8-year-old Lukas loves his football and sport. Like many kids, he dreams of being a professional footballer but at school he was struggling with phonics and literature. Lukas can be a quiet boy (although he’s talkative once you get to know him) but he’s not prone to asking for help in the classroom and his parents started to realise that he lacked confidence at school.

With SATS and 11+ on the horizon his parents decided to enrol Lukas with MagiKats. His older brother had been through the MagiKats programme and having seen the positive results, it seemed the logical thing to do.

What were the family’s expectations?

Mum and dad were keen for Lukas to consolidate and practice what he was learning in school, as well as improve his literacy skills, spelling, sentence and comprehension.

So how is Lukas getting on and is MagiKats meeting the family’s expectations?  

Lukas’ parents are delighted with Lukas’s work at MagiKats and say all their expectations have been more than met. They’ve noticed how Lukas enjoys working with the same small group and tutor and now realise that he responds well to the hands-on activities and the rewards system which seem to suit how Lukas learns.

Mum also appreciates the regular feedback she gets which helps her support Lukas with his worksheets at home.  Mum described what the MagiKats programme has been like:

“The MagiKats leaders were very friendly and helpful. They took the time to understand our concerns and which areas my child needed help with…Lukas’s attitude and overall quality of his work has improved especially in maths. He is more focussed and able to finish his worksheets quickly… It has increased his confidence and enjoyment of school.”

Lukas’ tutor and school also noticed a difference:

Harsha, Lukas’ MagiKats Principal says,

“Lukas has developed into a very smart and confident student who thoroughly enjoys his workshop sessions. He thrives in group activities due to his eagerness to always get involved with the tasks. The effort he makes at the workshop has reflected on his positive school reports which make us proud to have Lukas as our student”.

And back at school Lukas’s teachers have noticed that both his motivation and focus have improved and he’s now doing really well in his maths.  

But, perhaps most importantly, what does Lukas think about his MagiKats experience?

“I like MagiKats because it helps me at school and I feel very confident”.


And at MagiKats, we call that a success!

MagiKats offers every student the chance to ‘learn without limits’. Our maths and English programmes are tailored to fit each individual. Their needs, their learning goals, their confidence. If you’d like to know more, or if you’d like to enrol your child, contact us today.

You can enquire about enrolling your child by contacting the MagiKats Rugby Principal, Harsha, on 01788 877605 or via the website