Seven things that make a MagiKats Workshop great! #3

What Makes A MagiKats Workshop Great? Reason #3

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Some people find it easy to absorb information when they read it. Others prefer to listen to an explanation and make their own notes. Another group of people might really take something on board only by trying it. Learning styles are very much a hot topic in education and training – and there’s a massive industry out there aimed at helping people understand their learning style!

At MagiKats, we believe that although a person might have a natural affinity towards a particular learning style, everyone can benefit from a multi-sensory approach – so that’s what we provide!

In a MagiKats workshop, several teaching techniques will be used, to a greater or lesser degree, at every session. This will include group and 1-2-1 teaching, written practice, hands-on activities and group discussion. The balance of learning styles will vary from topic to topic and from student to student. Our aim is to give each of our students several chances to learn and understand.