Seven things that make a MagiKats Workshop great! #2

What Makes A MagiKats Workshop Great? Reason #2

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One of the great benefits MagiKats students have is our small group tuition approach. With never more than six working with their own, dedicated mentor, our students can engage in learning in a variety of ways.

Have you ever found that talking things through suddenly helps you to understand a problem? Well, that’s exactly what our students do as part of their small group! When your local MagiKats Principal puts the groups together, one of the key factors (apart from age and subject) is how they expect the students will get on with their mentor, and with each other.

Just because your child is attending MagiKats alongside others from their class at school does not mean they will be in the same group. What your local MagiKats Principal wants to do is provide each student with a mentor and group that will be supportive and that will engage with each other.

Most MagiKats workshop sessions will involve some time working as a group, either because a new topic is being introduced or (especially in English) because a discussion will help with the question being tackled.