Seven things that make a MagiKats Workshop great! #5

What Makes A MagiKats Workshop Great? Reason #5

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Everybody likes to know what’s going on. How am I doing? What’s coming up? How can I get a better grade?

At MagiKats, we use several types of communication to make sure everyone is “in the loop” for each individual student.

Mentors provide written feedback at every session, using a mixture of mood faces, feedback scores and written comments to let both the student and their MagiKats Principal know how everything is going. Students have their input into this too through providing their own mood face and listening to verbal feedback from their mentor – every time.

Principals speak to every student as they arrive in their MagiKats workshop to check how things have gone that week. This means they can respond if the student has got stuck on anything, or indeed provide praise when something has gone really well! They also work closely with their mentors so that no student is allowed to slip through the cracks.

Principals also use a tracking sheet to communicate with the student’s home support, whether that is mum or dad, or grandma, or older sister – you get the idea. The tracking sheet is a three-way communication tool: the Principal can write notes about specific sheets to be done at home or about the week’s work in general; the student provides feedback on how they found the work; the home supporter writes down the results and can also add notes about the student’s attitude towards their work.

All of these communication tools are vital ingredients in ensuring we provide the best programme for each individual MagiKats student and that we continue to provide it as time goes by and things change.