Seven things that make a MagiKats Workshop great! #6

What Makes A MagiKats Workshop Great? Reason #6

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Whether you are in England, Wales or Scotland, we support your local curriculum. Our core materials provide a comprehensive programme to ensure every child, regardless of their school system, learns the topics and skills they need through their school years.

If you are in the UK system and working towards SATs and GCSEs, then we also have specific programmes to support your child as they reach these key points. In particular, our GCSE Support Programme for English and Maths has been specifically created to prepare for these exams.

In Scotland? We support the Curriculum for Excellence and preparation for National 4/5 as well. In Wales? We can help you too.

Over the years, governments review and change the school curriculum. It sometimes seems that no two years are the same. At MagiKats, we try to keep our materials as consistent as possible. However, as requirements move and shift, we tweak what we need to tweak and write what we need to write to ensure nothing is left out.

It’s not just about the subject skills though. Every MagiKats student also works on problem solving and study skills, develops thinking skills, and builds their social skills – all vital ingredients for success both in and out of school.

Most recently, MagiKats centres have launched a new Reasoning programme – great for any child in mid primary to secondary and especially useful for anyone looking towards 11+ or entrance exams.