Seven things that make a MagiKats Workshop great! #7

What Makes A MagiKats Workshop Great? Reason #7

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Whereas there is no doubt that strong English and maths subject skills are important for anyone, and especially any child working towards GCSE or equivalent exams, they are rarely enough. Secondary schools are often now testing reasoning and other ‘soft’ skills when taking kids into Year 7. Universities are not satisfied with good GCSE results and predicted A Level grades – they want work experience, life experience and strong study skills and attitudes towards work.

Thankfully, any student in MagiKats is exposed to these ‘value-added’ skills on a weekly basis in their workshop. We don’t just tell kids how to do something, we ask leading questions, show examples, discuss possible approaches. We encourage questions and discussions.

Unlike with a traditional private tutor, who might simply show a technique and then move on, we use valuable thinking time and guidance to help our students come to their own conclusions. It is amazing what comes out of someone’s head when they have had a couple of minutes to think without prompting!

Students in their small groups might discuss different ways to approach solving a problem or answering a question. The more confident students might explain their method to their less confident peer.

All these techniques build so much more than just the subject. They build confident learners, able to tackle things outside of their normal frames of reference. They build learners who can apply their skills across to other subjects. They build a confidence that supports them in everyday life.