MagiKats Maths & English Tuition Pendle

Anita Law-Riding-Pendle MagiKats Principal

"We run our workshops after-school and in these sessions we work on topics that are covered at school. Our Programmes are fully up-to-date and run alongside the U.K. National Curriculum." - Anita Law-Riding, Principal


"Magikats is great for giving your child a boost - in both confidence and ability. There is a warm welcome from the tutors which makes the learning environment conducive to your child's needs. My child is already showing improvements in his school results. Highly recommended!"

- Denise Davies


MagiKats is brilliant! My daughter has improved with her Maths in just a few months. 5 Stars!

Adam Bowater 


"Freya has not only gained academically but also gained in confidence, in herself and her ability. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for extra tuition. 5 Stars."

- Kirsty Sharples


"I highly recommend MagiKats to anyone thinking of extra tuition for their child. Lexie has gained a lot more confidence since she started and I can see a difference in her work. Thank you. 5 Stars!"

Janet Gregory

A message from the Principal of MagiKats Pendle

Welcome to MagiKats Pendle!

MagiKats Students:

We tutor students from pre-school right through to GCSE, so if your son or daughter is waiting to start Reception class next September or is in Year 10 or Year 11 and counting down to their GCSE exams, we have the right tools to help them.

We can tutor your children in Maths and/or English and raise their confidence and potential in subjects that are vital to their future.

Student Goals:

We work with schools in Pendle - we are certainly not a replacement.

At MagiKats Pendle we promote and support the education and the learning of two very important subjects, Maths and English. We are proud to be able to offer the students of Pendle, the potential to succeed now and surpass their own goals and ambitions for the future.

Our GCSE Support Programme is now underway and our Year 10 and Year 11 students are feeling the benefits already. Is your teenager struggling on a variety of topics? They may need extra support and MagiKats can help.

Our Workshops:

We run our workshops after-school and in these sessions we work on topics that are covered at school. Our Programmes are fully up-to-date and run alongside the U.K. National Curriculum.

Students are placed in small groups (no more than 6) and work hard to reinforce their learning on Key Stage materials appropriate to their age and/or ability.


Initially we conduct what is called a ‘Placement Session’ where we evaluate each student and draw up an individual plan of work for them. This ensures that any gaps in learning or any misunderstood topics are revisited and essentially worked upon within MagiKats.

Our student’s individual learning plan is further complimented through short pieces of homework. This enables our students to develop their core skills, build confidence, challenge (if needed) and enhance their learning from school.

Every child is unique! Every child is amazing! Every child has ability!

Call Anita for an informal discussion or send a message using the enquiry form above and together we can give your children the best opportunities to succeed.

A few pictures from our centre:

How to find MagiKats Maths and English Tuition in Pendle:

Foulridge Village Hall, Foulridge:

Workshop Day and Time:

Wednesday 3:40-6:00pm


Parkinson Street

Asda Community Room:

Workshop Day and Time:

Thursday 4:00-5:30pm


Swinden Retail Park
Corporation Street