MagiKats Hereford celebrates a first year full of success!

Franchisee Debra Thomas recently celebrated the successful first anniversary of her MagiKats Tutoring franchise in Hereford. MagiKats provides small group private tuition to children from pre-school to GCSE.

Having opened in June 2017, by April this year Debra already had 82 enrolments, which in just 10 months is an impressive start!

Having worked in education for 25 years, Debra explains why she chose to open a MagiKats Tuition Centre and why she thinks it’s been such a success:

I became aware that there was a general lack of provision in this area when it came to supporting children academically. Schools have enormous roles to fulfil and can’t always give children the individual support that they need. That leaves parents and children alike in difficulty, struggling to find affordable, engaging and reliable support for their children.

Cue MagiKats, which ticks all those boxes and has a really effective approach. We provide maths and English tuition in fun and interactive workshops which include a mix of teaching and practice individually adapted to suit each child. But more than that, the workshops provide motivation, help build confidence and help develop a whole range of important but wider skills.

We have dedicated premises in Hereford and I have very open communication with all the parents. They know how and where to reach me quickly and can engage with other parents in the MagiKats community via social media.

I love the workshops. The students are delightful, the atmosphere is so positive and seeing all the GCSE students build their confidence and skills and the feedback I’ve had from them so far has been brilliant.

We’ve just started our Summer Programme of tuition to help children get next year off to a confident start and yes, our students really do look forward to coming, even in the summer holidays! So, we must be doing something right!

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