GCSE Maths and English tuition

Big increase in children receiving private tuition

According to a survey carried out by the Sutton Trust in September 2016, 25% of state educated 11 to 16 years in the UK receive private tuition, with the number much higher in London. This represents a massive increase on 2015 figures when it was only 10%.

Depressing statistics in adult literacy and numeracy – how can MagiKats help?

At MagiKats, we don't usually focus on adult literacy and numeracy, but with the launch of our GCSE Support Programme last month, we have been watching out for what has been in the press - and it has been depressing!

My GCSE Revision Booster Plan

GCSE revision can get a bit same-y. Read subject, make notes on subject, make smaller notes on subject, perform miracles with ant-size writing to make notes even smaller. Remember notes. Rinse. Repeat.

Helping Your Teenager Revise for their GCSE Examinations

I once heard a teacher of GCSE English remark that one of the best ways to teach his students how to pass was to take the examination himself.

First Sitting 2017 New GCSE Maths and English Tuition at MagiKats

For our students sitting the new GCSE exams in 2017, the watchword is “rigour”. Engaging teenagers in their learning through fun activities, challenging tasks, personal tuition and guidance equals a winning formula when it comes to them sitting their all-important examinations. 

MagiKats at home - a parent's perspective

MagiKats at home - a parent's perspective

Find out what it’s like to be a MagiKats parent.

The affordability of MagiKats

The affordability of MagiKats

How do you judge if something is good value? Find out what you get for your monthly fee at MagiKats maths and English tutoring.