First Sitting 2017 New GCSE Maths and English Tuition at MagiKats

For our students sitting the new GCSE exams in 2017, the watchword is “rigour”. Engaging teenagers in their learning through fun activities, challenging tasks, personal tuition and guidance equals a winning formula when it comes to them sitting their all-important examinations. MagiKats specialises in teaching the essential knowledge each student needs in the subjects of Maths and English, with students showing progress through our five stages of development and learning. No stone is left unturned along this journey through the key subject disciplines.

MagiKats Tuition at Highest International Standard

The new, higher UK standards applicable to Key Stage 4 GCSE materials for Maths and English, developed by the Department for Education, Have now been phased in by secondary schools in Surrey. The MagiKats tradition of teaching ‘ahead of the curve’ continues. We’ve enhanced our programmes of study to ensure we are teaching the most comparable curricula suited to the highest performing education jurisdictions across the world.

Year 10 and Year 11 Students to Benefit from New Programmes for the new GCSE

A tailor-made programme for Year 10 and Year 11 students undergoing Maths and English tuition with us, not only conforms to the new enhanced standards, it ensures those standards are reinforced through activities that present materials for study in new and interesting ways. Experience has taught us at MagiKats, it is not enough to cover the curriculum topics once. Unfortunately, during the school year, many students have covered topics thinly in places, and in some cases, not at all. For this reason, we take a systematic approach to covering all topics, working at the right pace for each student as an individual and taking their knowledge to the next level.

The new GCSE National Curriculum Papers for Maths and English include:

  • A new grading scale from 9 to 1.
  • No non-exam assessments (coursework).
  • November exams only available in Maths and English for students who are over 16 in the preceding August. All other exams take place in summer.

Mathematics: Assessment papers must reflect questions where between 33% and 50% of questions can be completed without the use of a calculator. Students take Foundation or Higher Tier across each assessment. Grades are 1-5 (Foundation) and 4-9 (Higher).

English Language: A paper including questions relating to three unseen texts from 19th, 20th and 21st century. The texts are a mixture of fiction and non-fiction with no direct relation to time period. A prepared formal spoken language assessment involving a presentation to an audience which is marked by the school (or centre) – receives the new award - a Pass, Merit, or Distinction and the assessment is unweighted.

English Literature: A paper including questions relating to unseen texts and one or more texts related to their studies: a 19th century novel, Shakespeare play, selection of poetry since 1789 including Romantic poetry fiction (or drama from the British Isles from 1914 onwards).

A much higher emphasis on being able to practically and critically analyse an unseen piece of writing is present in both English examinations. Tier-based papers in English Literature and English Language have been eliminated.

How MagiKats Helps

In MagiKats Maths teaching sessions, timed examination tasks are matched with skills boosters in arithmetic, theoretical and word-based questions. All examination areas are covered: number, algebra, ratio, proportion and rates of change, geometry, probability and statistics. Working with your child individually, mentors aim to improve performance through practice and routine testing to increase fluency and accuracy in all mathematical skills and areas of study.

English students studying with MagiKats are aiming to improve their ability to synthesise and construct responses to unseen text materials and become confident with the correct use of English spelling, punctuation and grammar. Mentors help students utilise literary terminology when explaining and quoting in critical writing tasks.

Working Individually - Achieving Their Best

Year 10 and 11 students require regular updates on their progress, and like to see the results. Far from shying away from teaching examination techniques, at MagiKats we embrace the reality of examination pressure from the start of Year 10. We actively encourage students to work out what they need to do to improve and achieve, whether it is concentrating on weak areas or developing their strengths.

Whenever there’s a level of uncertainty, our MagiKats Mentors identify problem areas and guide students through. Students gain in confidence and skills by practising timed examination tasks, correcting errors and re-writing papers. We teach them by building their subject knowledge and breadth of exposure to the wonderful world of English. With MagiKats, students become examination-savvy, understanding the key terminology required at Key Stage 4, and knowing what each paper covers.

Gaining a top GCSE grade in English and Mathematics is neatly matched with the skills required for broad subject knowledge at every MagiKats Stage. For more information or to enquire about opening your own MagiKats Tuition Centre, click here

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