Seven things that make a MagiKats Workshop great! #1

What Makes A MagiKats Workshop Great? Reason #1

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Have you ever been in a situation where someone has been talking at you and not giving you the time to think things through for yourself? Perhaps when they have been trying to sell you something? Later, when you have gone away (perhaps having bought the item), have you then suddenly thought of lots of questions you should have asked, so you could really understand what you were buying? Now – apply that to learning a new topic in English or maths – if a student has the time to think things through and ask questions, they will gain a much better understanding of the topic. Even better – they are also much more likely to remember the information later!

Our small group approach to tuition means that our students can have 1-2-1 help when they need it, but at other times they can work without the scrutiny of an adult watching their every move.

In a traditional 1-2-1 setting, there is no respite for a student as they are continually being watched and ‘encouraged’ to keep pushing on. This can cause stress for the student. Even worse, it can result in the tutor ‘over helping’ in an effort to move the student forward before they are really ready.

The MagiKats approach is to ask leading questions, encourage thinking and to guide the student towards the correct answer and, more importantly, a better understanding of the topic in front of them.